What if I told you that it would cost you almost £100k a year* to directly employ the team you get access to at Concept Communications?

It sounds a scary figure, and the likelihood is for many smaller businesses, getting the depth of skillset that modern marketing requires into the business alone would wipe out your entire marketing budget, and perhaps even exceed it?

It might be that you have budget to employ a junior marketer on a full time basis. After all, more hours worked means more productivity and a better results for your marketing doesn’t it? Not necessarily!

Our team have many years experience, and can find the right solution for you straight away rather than having to go through the early career trial-and-error processes. This means less time is actually required to achieve your objectives, and your budget can go further.

Perhaps you have already considered outsourcing to an agency, but the suggested budget that came back sent you into shock?

The traditional agency model is expensive to run. Many agency brands will try to impress you with expensive office fit-outs in prime locations, pool tables and high-profile staff that only ever come to your first meeting and then seem to vanish into thin air.

Let me tell you, this adds no value to your business, but costs you good money.

We operate differently…

Established during the pandemic, we were designed to meet the needs of businesses that needed to adapt quickly to an increasingly digital world and do so on a leaner budget to try to mitigate some of the effects of turnover decreases on cash flow and profitability.

Our team work remotely, but meet up when we need to, and come to you for meetings and to get into the nitty gritty that can’t be achieved so easily over Zoom. 

Here’s our promise to you:

  • We look after your budget as if it were our own and find you the most cost-effective solutions.
  • We integrate with your existing team and work alongside you to deliver solutions that provide a ROI.
  • The team who work on your account are experienced professionals, we don’t just come to the first meeting, we stay and do the work.

Why not check out some of the case studies from our existing clients, to see how we work with them?


*Based on average salary for our team members skillsets and level of experience recommended by www.payscale.com