Construction Industry Marketing

We have a deep understanding of the construction industry, and the distribution channels and needs within them.


We target every level of the supply chain.

As an experienced construction marketing agency, we can raise awareness and generate understanding of often very technical building products from specifiers, to specialist distributors and trade distributors, to contractor, to installer and to end-user or consumer.

Identifying Opportunities

Market scoping

We can also carry out a full market analysis and provide recommendations for entry strategies should you wish to pursue a new opportunity. 


Competitor product mapping and gap analysis

We can conduct competitor research on your behalf and provide a gap analysis, helping to identify opportunities for new product or service specifications.


Creating Awareness


Campaign activation

Using all of our experience in construction industry marketing, we utilise a combination of your owned, won and paid for space to put your key message in front of your audience. 

We can advise on which platforms to use to get the best ROI for your target audience and help you establish and maintain engagement with the people who you really want to speak to.

Once your campaign is active, we analyse data from all of the tools we use and adapt the campaign where needed to optimise its performance and inform future activity.

We often use tools such as:

  • PR
  • Advertising
  • Literature
  • Point of sale
  • Website content
  • Microsites
  • Social media
  • SEO

Aiding Understanding

 Technical literature and drawings

Marketing for construction companies is a specific skill. We understand how to communicate the benefits of your technical building products through the use of clear but detailed literature incorporating technical drawings to demonstrate system use and applications. This is just part of what makes us construction marketing experts.


Animated content can help explain complex system build ups in simple terms, step-by-step.


RIBA approved CPD 

We can take care of the full CPD development process, from scoping, copywriting, slide design and animation, to script writing for voiceovers and converting to video. We can also submit and liaise with RIBA to completion on your behalf. 


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