marketing strategy

marketing strategy workshop

We ran a 1-day marketing strategy workshop with Performance Adhesives Ltd.

marketing strategy

marketing strategy workshop

We ran a 1-day marketing strategy workshop with Performance Adhesives Ltd.


Performance Adhesives are a fast-growing national distributor of construction products and technical training.

Their unique partnership with CPG Europe allows them access to a great variety of brands and product lines for different construction applications.

They have a lot of fantastic opportunities for growth but prioritising them and taking a structured and robust approach to developing the business will be key.

 Our Process

Prior to the workshop, we surveyed (anonymously if they chose to be) key members of the leadership, operations, training, technical and sales team to understand perceived strengths and weaknesses of the current approach and to allow anecdotal conversation starters for the day.

On the day, we welcomed the full team to feed back on the follow areas:

  • The success of current marketing and lead-gen activities
  • Lead conversion rates
  • The current customer journey and any challenges within it
  • Appraised attractiveness of different market segments
  • Horizon planning – we talked through the macro environment and potential impacts on the future plan
  • We conducted a SWOT analysis, aligning PAL’s ability to respond to the opportunities
  • Finally, we prioritised market sectors and defined our approach to targeting growth within them

Following this basis, Concept Communications presented back a 12-month tactical plan to target each segment which is currently being deployed.

 The Result

The outcome of this strategy workshop was a clearly defined, robust action plan with timescales and budget allocation for the full year ahead.

A key benefit of conducting this workshop was that it meant all members of the team who had an input in making the plans a success, were on board with it and excited to play their part in putting the plans into action.

This meant PAL had a truly integrated approach as we work as an extension of their team to deliver it.

In truth I thought we were doing a pretty good job when it came to strategic marketing, though knew there were gaps that needed filling. What transpired was the gaps were canyons and within no time at all we had a plan to fill them. Not only did she set up a 12-month marketing campaign covering our key products, but she has also been instrumental in creating a cohesive structure within the business. In short, exceptional value for money.

Simon Shearman

Managing Director, Performance Adhesives Ltd

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